BH02 Defect V Kasih



Jenis-jenis Defect :
– Defect Material
– Defect Jahitan
– Defect Benang
– Defect Kotor

Soft on the fabric. But it can still provide a stunning awning effect. The choice of fabric from premium voile that can make the wearer look elegant and stylish. The fabric material is very easy to style and the addition of 70 stunning Swarovski crystal dots that can definitely add to the wearer’s radiance. The arrangement of 70 dots swarovski crystals that are beautifully arranged and produce a V shape at the end is sure to captivate the hearts and eyes of the girl.

Material : Voile
Size : Bidang 45’ (1.14cm)
Crystal : 70 dots Crystal from Swarovski Original


Cabbage Rose, Classic Lilac, Dove Grey, Navy blue, Persian Blue, Powder Blue, Sea Salt


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